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In a universe where history's fabric unravels, join forces with the heroes of Evermore Academy to avert the collapse of all existence. Traverse through colliding eras and fight to preserve the continuum of time.

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Battle across history

Humanity is on the brink of extinction. The walls of spacetime are collapsing, different eras of history are colliding together, and forces of darkness are coming through the tears in time. Yet there is still hope. At the center of the universe stands an ancient and mysterious city, where Evermore Academy has gathered the greatest minds and heroes from throughout history. Together, the warriors united will wage the final battle to save all of history from collapsing into the void.

Watertown emerges as a vibrant hub for adventurers, strategically positioned at the crossroads of fantastical realms. This nexus of adventure and camaraderie is marked by its grand beacon. The town thrives with expert mentors, enchanted vendroids crafting gear, and a bustling market.

The Rustling Forest blends enchantment with challenge, hosting dungeons tailored for beginners beneath its captivating orange trees. These dungeons serve as a training ground, enhancing combat skills and strategic thinking. Emerging stronger, adventurers are well-prepared for future quests.

The Wastelands' lush swamps disguise dungeons that challenge and train amateur adventurers. In these murky depths, foes test and sharpen combat skills amidst an eerie atmosphere, fostering courage and strategic prowess. Victors gain valuable rewards, proving the Wastelands a formidable crucible for growth and preparation for greater adventures.

No Man's Land offers a desolate yet hauntingly beautiful challenge, with dungeons designed for those nearing elite status. Seasoned adventurers face formidable foes, testing their prowess and strategy in a stark, silent world. Victory promises legendary rewards, marking this land as a crucible for refining mastery and preparing for greater adventures beyond its forsaken expanse.

The Ice Wastes, a frigid expanse, draw the realm's elite adventurers to the legendary challenges of the Ice Castle. This ultimate test of skill and resilience pits them against formidable foes and promises unparalleled rewards, forging camaraderie and legends among those brave enough to conquer it.

Epoch City is envisioned as a vibrant and dynamic social hub at the heart of the game's community. More than just a marketplace for trading and acquiring items, it serves as a central gathering place where players can socialize, form alliances, and forge lasting friendships. Designed to be the epicenter of player interaction, Epoch City combines an intuitive layout with architectural features that promote easy navigation and rich social engagement, making it a crucial space for community building within the game.

Explore vast procedurally generated dungeons, complete challenging objectives, defeat unwavering hordes of enemies, and take on epic bosses to collect the ultimate rewards.

In Big Time, crafting allows for the creation and enhancement of various kinds of cosmetic and utility collectibles. Players utilize the Forge and Armory for crafting unique gear and improving their rarities. The Time Warden allows you to craft and enhance Hourglasses, essential for creating collectibles, collecting $BIGTIME, and engaging deeply with the game's economy and customization options.

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In Big Time, players select from six unique classes, each with distinct abilities. By allocating stats wisely, they enhance combat success and face diverse challenges in both solo and group settings.

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Where Your World Evolves With You

Dive into Big Time, where time and space bend to your will. From crafting unique cosmetic collectibles to charging headstrong into endless adventures generated just for you, experience gameplay that changes as you do.


Big Time uses Procedural Generation to create engaging and new experiences in every battle. Procedural Generation uses algorithms that pull from human-made assets to create unique environments, objectives, and enemies for every dungeon


Use SPACE to build your own personal metaverse inside of Big Time. Customize your home, invite your friends, and add workshops to begin your crafting empire. SPACE is an expansion to your Personal Metaverse, which comes in various rarities and sizes.

Play Your Way: Any time, Any Role

Pocket Watches allow players to change character classes during gameplay. Skills, abilities and equipment are saved to the Pocket Watch, enabling you to progress through each class with whatever pace and style you prefer.

Pocket Watches

All Classes

The Time Warrior is an aggressive, front line fighter that wields melee weapons to deliver close up carnage.


The Chronomancer is a powerful ranged damage class who uses magic to decimate their foes.


The Shadowblade is an agile and stealthy melee fighter, dealing death to those who stand in the way.


The Quantum Fixer is a masterful support class.
Heal your allies, and bring misery to your enemies.


The Battlemancer is a master of melee and the elements, wielding powerful abilities to end their enemies


The Techblade combines agility and support to either aid your allies or rain destruction


game economy revolution

player-driven economy

Big Time introduces a groundbreaking approach to in-game economies, empowering players with ownership of digital assets. This player-owned economy allows for the creation, collection, trading, and selling of unique in-game items, ensuring that your adventures in time not only yield epic stories but also tangible rewards.







core components

Unlock the full potential


Expand your universe! Create and connect your own virtual workshops to craft and trade.


Connect workshops to your SPACE and start your bespoke crafting journey.


The driving force behind our expansive economy, enabling secure transactions.


The heart of Big Time’s economy—tradeable, exclusive NFTs that symbolize achievement and prestige.

the Value Chain

Experience the Thrill

Join a vibrant market where every player makes a difference. From crafting your first item to trading valuable collectibles, your journey shapes the adventure for everyone. Power up, trade smart, and rise to the top in Big Time’s thrilling economy!


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Big Time Collectibles

Big Time offers three types of in-game collectibles: Cosmetic, SPACE, and the special Hourglass type, which is necessary to collect the $BIGTIME Token. Players can obtain these digital collectibles through regular gameplay or opt to buy and sell them on the Open Loot Marketplace.

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Cosmetic Collectibles

Cosmetic digital collectibles are skins that can be applied to in-game weapons and armor to enhance their look in-game, as well as other cool cosmetic effects such as sounds, footprints, and particle effects.


Hourglasses, crafted by the Time Warden, are collectibles used to acquire $BIGTIME Tokens in the game. They come in ten rarity tiers, from Common to Unique, with higher tiers generating more tokens. Players can equip up to five Hourglasses, enhancing their token acquisition based on rarity, player skill, and game difficulty. Hourglasses have limited Active Time and can be recharged through the Time Warden.

SPACE Collectibles

SPACE Collectibles are used in-game to expand your Personal Metaverse. Time Wardens, Forges, and Armories are installed onto your SPACE to let you engage in the in-game creator economy.

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Types Of Workshops

economy & crafting

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum supply of $BIGTIME tokens?

The maximum supply of $BIGTIME tokens is capped at 5 billion, with no further tokens being created after this limit is reached.

Are there any special areas accessible only through Cosmetic Collectibles?

Yes, owning certain Cosmetic Collectibles grants access to exclusive game areas, adding unique experiences and benefits.

What is the role of $BIGTIME tokens in the game economy?

$BIGTIME tokens are used for crafting, upgrading collectibles, and accessing special game areas; they can also be traded outside the game platform.

Can Time Crystals be traded between players?

No, Time Crystals are account-bound and cannot be traded between players.

What differentiates craftable from non-craftable Cosmetic Collectibles?

Craftable collectibles can be created by players using in-game resources, while non-craftable collectibles are typically acquired through special events or purchases.

How can players expand their Personal Metaverse in Big Time?

Players can expand their Personal Metaverse by attaching additional "SPACE" units to their starter area, enhancing customization and functionality.

What are Time Crystals used for in Big Time?

A premium currency for purchasing enhancements, crafting hourglasses, and accessing special areas, not tradable and only obtainable via purchase or rare drops.

What are Cosmetic Collectibles?

Visual enhancements for players, including craftable and non-craftable items like armor, weapons, and expressive animations.

What is the Personal Metaverse in Big Time?

A private, customizable virtual space for players to host friends and personalize with various collectibles and utilities.

How do I make Craftable Cosmetics?

Craftable Cosmetic Collectibles can be purchased through the Open Loot Marketplace or crafted using a Forge or Armory Workshop

How do I get Hourglasses?

Hourglasses can be purchased on the Open Loot Marketplace or crafted using a Time Warden.

How do I acquire SPACE and Workshops?

SPACE and Workshops can be acquired by purchasing them on the Open Loot Marketplace or as a very rare random drop in-game.