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What development team is behind Big Time?

Big Time is developed by Big Time Studios, which includes veterans from the gaming industry and aims to set a new standard in Web3 gaming by combining traditional gaming fun with blockchain technology​.

Is Big Time free to play?

Yes, Big Time is free to play and focuses on fair gameplay without pay-to-win mechanics. The game aims to provide an enjoyable and equitable experience for all players​.

What unique features does Big Time offer?

Big Time features a Personal Metaverse, a customizable space where players can build, expand, and manage their own virtual environments. The game also allows class changes on the fly with "Pocket Watches," adding flexibility to gameplay.

How does Big Time's player-owned economy work?

Players in Big Time can craft and upgrade items like weapons and armor, and trade these items within the game. This economy is supported by $BIGTIME tokens, which players earn through gameplay and use for transactions.

What is a Pocket Watch?

Pocket watches allow players to change character classes during gameplay. Skills, abilities and equipment are saved to the Pocket watch, enabling you to progress through each class with whatever pace and style you prefer.

What is Big Time?

"Big Time" is our first title, an action RPG for Windows PCs. It embodies our ethos, blending story with gameplay. As our flagship, it's the first of many adventures.

What is the maximum supply of $BIGTIME tokens?

The maximum supply of $BIGTIME tokens is capped at 5 billion, with no further tokens being created after this limit is reached.

Are there any special areas accessible only through Cosmetic Collectibles?

Yes, owning certain Cosmetic Collectibles grants access to exclusive game areas, adding unique experiences and benefits.

What is the role of $BIGTIME tokens in the game economy?

$BIGTIME tokens are used for crafting, upgrading collectibles, and accessing special game areas; they can also be traded outside the game platform.

Can Time Crystals be traded between players?

No, Time Crystals are account-bound and cannot be traded between players.

What differentiates craftable from non-craftable Cosmetic Collectibles?

Craftable collectibles can be created by players using in-game resources, while non-craftable collectibles are typically acquired through special events or purchases.

How can players expand their Personal Metaverse in Big Time?

Players can expand their Personal Metaverse by attaching additional "SPACE" units to their starter area, enhancing customization and functionality.

What are Time Crystals used for in Big Time?

A premium currency for purchasing enhancements, crafting hourglasses, and accessing special areas, not tradable and only obtainable via purchase or rare drops.

What are Cosmetic Collectibles?

Visual enhancements for players, including craftable and non-craftable items like armor, weapons, and expressive animations.

What is the Personal Metaverse in Big Time?

A private, customizable virtual space for players to host friends and personalize with various collectibles and utilities.

How do I make Craftable Cosmetics?

Craftable Cosmetic Collectibles can be purchased through the Open Loot Marketplace or crafted using a Forge or Armory Workshop

How do I get Hourglasses?

Hourglasses can be purchased on the Open Loot Marketplace or crafted using a Time Warden.

How do I acquire SPACE and Workshops?

SPACE and Workshops can be acquired by purchasing them on the Open Loot Marketplace or as a very rare random drop in-game.

What can I do once I have access to Big Time?

Once you have access, you can explore new adventure instances, craft and find collectibles, open Mystery Boxes, and participate in Prestige Portals for exclusive rewards​.

How do I download and install the Big Time game?

To download Big Time, visit the Big Time website, download the Open Loot Launcher, install it on your PC, and then download the game through the launcher. Ensure your PC meets the minimum system requirements: GeForce GTX 1060/Radeon Rx 580, 8GB RAM, DirectX 11, and an Intel core i5 4430/AMD FX 6300 processor with 23GB available drive space​.

What are the prerequisites to play Big Time?

To play Big Time during the Preseason, you need to have redeemed a Gold, Silver, or Jade Pass before the launch of Preseason, be a SPACE holder before October 10, 2023, achieve Rank 20 in any patch prior to the release of Preseason, or gain an access pass from a valid Twitch streamer​.

What kind of analytics does Open Loot offer?

The platform offers game and marketplace integrated analytics to help developers and players track and optimize their interactions.

Can I sell NFTs on Open Loot?

Yes, Open Loot enables the sale of NFTs through direct sales, auctions, and loot boxes, with payment options including crypto, debit, credit, and bank transfers.

How does Open Loot support game developers?

It provides tools for marketing, reaching out through creators and influencers, and utilizing best practices to launch and manage player-owned game economies.

What services does Open Loot provide?

Open Loot offers a marketplace for NFT and token sales, integrated AML/KYC solutions, credit card support, interactive KYC, fraud prevention, chargeback management, customer support, and marketing services.

What is Open Loot?

Open Loot is a platform designed to support Web3 game economies, handling all aspects of NFT and token management for gaming partners.

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